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Pregnancy Update: 21 Weeks

Well, I will be 22 weeks tomorrow, actually. We found out yesterday that we are having a girl. My midwife called me today with additional information about my ultrasound. Baby Girl looks great. She is measuring about a week “small” for how far along I am currently, but my midwife said it’s not a big deal, because of normal growth variations in the middle of pregnancy. Also, she said that, for me, because I personally tend to have “late” babies (my 3rd was born at 42 weeks, and the others also came after their “due dates”), having this ultrasound which gives a later due date will give us a little extra leeway at the end of pregnancy to maintain a hands-off approach longer, instead of feeling pressured to induce or try other interventions if this pregnancy goes long. Midwives in my state can legally perform home births until 43 weeks, but this ultrasound extends what I originally thought would be my 43 week cutoff, if that makes sense. Not that I really want to be pregnant for 43 or more weeks, but I trust my body and my baby, and I want Baby Girl to come out whenever she is ready, without being evicted too soon.

Her placenta is low-lying at this point, but that’s not a problem at 21 weeks, as it almost always “moves” out of the way in plenty of time of give birth naturally at term. But it does mean that I will have to have another ultrasound, which I was not planning to do, at around 34 weeks or so.

She is also currently in breech position, which I’m not too worried about yet, but that is another reason my midwife wants me to have another ultrasound in late pregnancy: to confirm that Baby Girl has turned head-down.

In addition, the placenta is anterior (by my belly instead of my back). This doesn’t really mean anything, but it does explain why I have really only felt kicks and movement really low and/or toward my sides, instead of in front, and also why it has been challenging at times to locate Baby Girl’s heartbeat with a doppler (including the morning after my appendectomy when two nurses tried, unsuccessfully, to find the heartbeat–that was kind of scary, but they said since I was only 11 weeks along at the time, it was probably fine, and I guess it turned out to be).

Anyway, I am grateful that overall, things are going well. I am physically feeling fine, just easily tired/overwhelmed and very emotional, but that’s normal for me during pregnancy.

We’re not telling anyone Baby Girl’s name until she is born, but it has been fun to be able to privately call her by her name, talk to her, and sing to her. I love her so much already.