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Book Review: Begin (Growly #1), by Philip and Erin Ulrich


This is a fun adventure story for kids. There is nothing at all inappropriate in the book, and it is full of positive values (friendship, courage, loyalty, and kindness, to name a few) without being preachy. Family ties are important, and the characters all treat each other very respectfully.

I read this book to my 8- and 6-year-olds. They are in the perfect age range to experience this book as a read-aloud, and they really enjoyed it. My 4-year-old listened in about half the time, and was somewhat interested, although some of the plot and words went over her head.

Overall, I personally enjoyed the book, although I felt that the narrative occasionally became excessively, tediously descriptive. The kids didn’t seem to mind, though, and remained attentive even through long passages about the landscape.

This book, the first in the Growly series, is definitely not a stand-alone. Growly’s quest remains unresolved at the end of this book, so the kids and I are looking forward to reading the other books in the series.