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Puppy Cake

My middle daughter requested a puppy cake for her sixth birthday, and this is the result:


I got the idea from here. I made the cake and frosting from scratch, but I’m not going to link to the recipes I used, as they were both way too sweet (and that’s saying something, coming from me, because I definitely have a sweet tooth!). However, the birthday girl was very pleased, and that’s what counts.

Cake making notes, in case anyone is interested: I didn’t use food coloring; I just used varying amounts of cocoa powder to color the frosting. So the puppy turned out to be more of a chocolate labradoodle, rather than the goldendoodle on the recipe page. And I didn’t have the patience to dab the grass decorating tip (Wilton 233) over and over a gajillion times, so I sort of just squeezed the frosting out randomly like squiggly spaghetti. I actually like the way this made the “fur” turn out. The eyes are large candy eyes, Wilton brand I think, that I got at Joann’s. The other decorations I got in the bulk natural foods section at Fred Meyer. The nose is a malted milk ball, the collar is made of natural M&M-type candies, and the “pendant” on the collar is a yogurt-covered almond.