Book Review: The Sinner’s Guide to Natural Family Planning, by Simcha Fisher


This “review” is going to be so brief it can’t even really be considered a review; I’m mostly just recording that I read this book for the  #VTReadingChallenge, marking it off as “A book by a female author.” (I considered using this book for the “book with a great cover” category,” because the cover did make me LOL, but the longer I looked at it, the creepier it became!)

I think to really appreciate this book, you have to be a Catholic woman who is really serious about following Catholic teaching. I’m not Catholic, so while this book was humorous and enjoyable to read, it wasn’t entirely relevant to me. Personally, I am interested in Natural Family Planning/Fertility Awareness because I think learning about my body is fascinating and useful (and that hormonal methods of birth control are unsafe for a woman’s health), but I believe that Catholic doctrine goes beyond what the Bible actually says about married intimacy (yay for the freedom of sola scriptura).


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