Book Review: And the Shofar Blew, by Francine Rivers


I rarely abandon books, but I gave up on this one when I was only about a third of the way through. It pained me to turn it in to the library without finishing it, because it seemed disloyal to Francine Rivers, whom I am normally a fan of. I think she is one of the most–possibly THE most–creative and talented writers of Christian fiction of all time. But I just hated this book. The storyline is too preachy, too predictable, too unnecessarily drawn out, too unrealistic, and too “dated”-feeling (even though the book is only 13 years old). Even the characters’ off-the-wall names bugged me. But what irked me the most, and what was ultimately the reason I stopped reading, was that one of the main characters, Paul, was a world-class jerk who was emotionally abusive to his wife, and I just couldn’t take his cruelty and egomania any longer. I’m sure he repents in the end, but I didn’t like or care enough about him as a character to stick around and find out.


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