Book Review: Wild in the Hollow, by Amber C. Haines


This is one of those books where you could read it multiple times and glean new insights each time. The content is dense, and I mean that in a mostly-positive way. Haines has a way of packing a lot of layers into just a few sentences. Sometimes she meanders a little bit, and I found myself thinking, wait, what was she talking about? But overall, her writing is picturesque (but not melodramatic), beautiful (but gritty), and elegant (yet contemporary).

It’s hard to write a summary of this book, because it’s kind of unique, and, perhaps, genre-hopping. It’s a memoir, but it’s more than that. I don’t exactly know how to describe or categorize it, other than to say that it’s about identity, brokenness, community, searching, and healing.

The genre on the back of the book is listed as “CLGB Memoir.” Can anyone explain to me what that is? My first guess was “Christian Lesbian Gay Bi Memoir,” but Haines is straight, and this book has nothing to do with non-heterosexuality.

I am marking this book off as “A book written by an author with initials in their name” for the #VTReadingChallenge.


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