Thoughts About Maternity Clothes

I gave away almost all of my maternity clothes several years ago. We had not completely ruled out the possibility of a fourth child, but it wasn’t a sure thing, and I had pregnant friends who could use the clothes, so I figured I would just buy more if I ever did get pregnant again.

The only things I kept were a long denim skirt and a calf-length khaki skirt, because they are as comfortable as all get-out, and I have been known to wear them even when not pregnant.

Leggings, dresses, and sweaters have pretty much been my wardrobe during this pregnancy so far, but I am so tired of wearing black leggings almost every day, so I finally (at 16 weeks) went shopping for a few maternity items. In my opinion, maternity jeans are just as ill-fitting and hard to shop for as ever, and I’ve pretty much given up on finding any I like, but one advantage of shopping for maternity clothes now, as opposed to when I first bought them with my first pregnancy in 2005, is that now there is such a thing as jersey maxi dresses and skirts! They’re so soft, comfortable, breathable, and stretchy. I bought this skirt and this dress (in black) from Old Navy, and I know I will get a lot of use out of both of them. I think, especially since this baby is due toward the end of July, I’m going to be pretty much living in maxi dresses and skirts.


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