Guess What You Can’t Buy in Stores Any More?

As part of an effort to withdraw somewhat from the fast-paced online world and not rely so much on modern technology, which I am becoming convinced has almost as many drawbacks as advantages, I decided to buy some stationery, so I can write some real, old-fashioned, snail-mail letters. What I wanted was a set of some pretty 6×8″ paper and envelopes.

First, I went to two craft stores. Neither had ANY letter-writing stationery. Next, I tried Hallmark. HALLMARK. You’d think they would have a great selection, right? They had only two stationery sets, and I didn’t like either one of them. One was just ugly, and the other was black-and-white. It didn’t look horrible, but it wasn’t pretty, either. Then, I went to World Market. Nothing. Next, I tried the dollar store. Nothing. Target also had absolutely nothing. Walmart had ONE set of letter paper and envelopes, but it was the exact same black-and-white one I saw at Hallmark.

So, after going to seven stores, I am empty handed. I had no clue it would be such a challenge to find pretty paper on which to write letters. I used to buy it all the time in high school, when I used to write a lot of letters. Even a few years ago, I found some without much effort, but that batch is finally gone.

I guess I will look online. Sigh.

Update: I bought this set, but from Amazon, since I can get free shipping there. Nice to know somebody still makes letter-writing paper!


One response to “Guess What You Can’t Buy in Stores Any More?

  1. and as well as are three excellent stationery suppliers

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